View Full Version : Squeezebox Radio shows splitting some albums into two albums

2011-03-29, 14:21
Noob here.

1st question:
Is there a detailed manual anywhere for setup of the Squeezebox Radio? The manual that comes with the radio does not go into real detail of any of the Radio settings. And is pretty useless for information regarding the Squeezebox server. Iím getting tired of fumbling around with my setup.

2nd questions and more important.
I have an issue where when I display a listing of my mp3 albums on the radio it shows duplicates. The first album will have 1 or 2 songs. The second album will have the remainder of the songs. How do I get Squeeze box to show only one album with all the songs? Most of the MP3 tags for my collection were made through Media Monkey or Windows Media Player. I tried moving my Playlist folder outside of the Music Source directory. Iíve removed my playlist folder from the Music Source configuration in Squeezebox Server. Iíve done a cleanup clearing cache, clearing the library and rescanning library, powered off/on the Radio, but I still get some albums showing twice as described above.

My configuration is:
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Squeezebox Server Version: 7.5.3 - r31792
Squeezebox Radio Player Model: Squeezebox Radio
Firmware: 7.5.3-r9283

Thanks in advanced