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Jack Coates
2004-09-20, 20:34

my wife bought an iPod and wants to listen to our music on it. I've
installed iTunes on a Windows laptop and told it to use the Samba music
share from my Linux server as its library. However, we have several

iTunes doesn't see updates to the library unless I manually go to File >
Import Folder and find the location. Should I give it a local Library and
just import folders she wants on a one by one basis?

The "update iPod" option is greyed out; dragging and dropping songs or
playlists onto the iPod sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Is there a way
to make it be predictable, or at least more communicative? The little grey
window at the top with an apple in it will sometimes provide a status
message, but the status messages seem to lag behind what's happening to
the iPod by about a minute or two.

iTunes sometimes hangs, with no indication of what it's doing, and is very
slow to update songs (like about one a second or two, not good for >6000
songs). Normal behavior? It's the only thing on this laptop, which is
usually turned off -- she uses a Linux laptop for everything else. The
laptop is a P4/2GHz with a gig of ram, XP with SP2 (firewall disabled).

Please note, we both dislike the iTunes interface and have no interest in
using it to manage the Slimserver library; I'm also pretty nervous about
having it access Slimserver at all after the thing wiped her iPod empty
(re-imaged the XP install after replacing a dead hard drive, so Apple
decided we were lying thieves). That being said, is it safe to tell it to
stop using the Samba share as a library?

She bought the iPod for use with Audible audio books, which provides AAC
format files and sticks the playlists into iTunes. This means iTunes
probably isn't going away entirely, but is there an better way to get MP3
music onto the device? I tried ephpod before the aforementioned disk
failure, but it didn't seem to be any easier or more reliable than iTunes.
Ideally we could just drag and drop files with a file manager like with
any normal music player, but I've read that the iPod can't see or play
files if you put them on that way?

thanks for the tips,
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