View Full Version : Squeezeplay: Playback jumps to next song

2011-03-27, 14:05
Today I was lucky to find the Squeezeplay program - great application to playback the songs from my Squeezebox-installation (approx. 30K songs, Squeezebox Server 7.5.3 running on a QNAP NAS).

However, there is a strange behaviour in Squeezeplay (I tried both 7.5 and 7.6): Whenever I play an album, it will play somewhat half or two thirds of a song, then jump to the next one without finishing the current song.

Anyone else with this behaviour? Any hints?


2011-03-27, 14:20
Are you sure the music files are ok ?
Have you tried listen to them on some other media player so you know they work correctly ?
It is always the same songs that have the problem or does one specific song work sometimes and sometimes not ?

2011-03-28, 00:39
Thanks for your help - yes, I checked the songs.
Today morning I found the quite simple solution - I just rebooted my QNAP NAS, running the Squeezebox server, and everything seems to be OK again.
The behaviour also appeared on other SB-devices.
Remember the German phrase: "Ein Reboot tut immer gut..."
Thx again