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Jon Danforth
2004-09-20, 06:05
Actually, 802.11a with its new updates is *much* better for wireless
transmission of AV then 802.11b or g. The first consideration is the
bandwidth: same as g but there are guard channels between each channel
so no channel casues cross-talk and slow-down over the network caused by
interference by a neighboring channel.

To put it in perspective, 802.11g and 802.11b each have only 3 safe
channels that don't overlap with each other: 1, 6, and 11. The
bandwidth of an 802.11b signal is approximately 30MHz but the separation
between the center frequencies is only 5MHz so those are the channels to
use if you find yourself overlapping with other networks.

The second and more important point is that 802.11a runs at 5GHz versus
the ubiquitous 2.4GHz band so your microwave won't kill your SB streams.

I don't know why manufacturers aren't moving back towards 802.11a. The
problems that plauged the specification after its initial release have
long since been repaired so why not go to and depend on a more robust
wireless architecture than 802.11g?


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>>Is there any difference in signal strength in b vs g? I have a wirelss
>>network at work that always gives me dropouts, I think I have a lot of
>>Would I get better results if I went all b, or used a .g
>>bridge and went
>>all g?
>I'm afraid I'm not wireless networking expert, but my gut feel is that b and g
>are similar in their susceptibility to interference.
>Personally I've got two wireless lans at home - one is dedicated to the
>Squeezebox and one is for my laptops.
>There are two reasons for this:
>1. connecting an 11b client to an 11g network degrades all clients to 11b (and I
>want my laptop to have an 11g connection).
>2. By having a dedicated wireless network for my SB I reduce the likelihood of
>bandwidth problems.
>11b WAPs are cheap these days (everyone wants 11g) so why not get a dedicated
>WAP for the SB?
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