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Christopher May
2004-09-20, 04:49
The problem is the squeezebox will only see one server at a time. You
would have to go through the setup each time and reselect which server
you want to listen to....

I had the same issues, I wanted my wife's music and mine separate. But
now that I was forced to consolidate the music into one place, its much
easier that way, now only one computer has to remain on, ALL of our
music is on one external drive, so I can take easily move the library to
another computer, I've even taken my(our) entire CD collection over to
friends when they had a party!


PS. If you install the slimserver 5.2.1 - the last "official" release
take not of http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=435 on your
macs. They have fixed this issue in the nightlies and a slimserver
version is to come out very soon. I expect the above issue to be fixed.

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Thanks for the reply.

I will give it a try when I get the squeezebox. I was trying to find a
way keeping the music separated. Maybe installing the server on the two
computers might work? I will see when I get it and find the best way.

Steven Moore.

On 19 Sep 2004, at 7:30 pm, Christopher May wrote:

> Steven,
> I had the same questions and here is what I did...
> I don't know which playlists the slimserver will see, it will either
> see
> all of them, or only the ones under the user that installed slimsever.
> As for multiple computers, what you have to do is consolidate your
> music
> into on place/music library, under one user. That is where the
> slimserver is going to look for the music files. There are ways to
> symbolic links inside the library, but I just bought a large external
> drive, put all my music on that, and told iTunes where to place its
> library (on the external HD).
> Then you can use the iTunes sharing feature to access the music from
> any
> other computer. You can export other users' playlists and put them
> into the main users iTunes.
> Then the squeezebox will see ALL the music and playlists, and
> everybody can see al the music.
> Chris
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> This has probably been answered before so apologies if it has.
> I was thinking of buying a squeezebox for my home network, 2 macs,
> adsl router all wired. There are four accounts on each computer with
> different itunes playlists on each. Squeezebox would be connected to
> the router.
> I was wondering how does the squeezebox know which itunes playlist to
> play. For example say I wanted to play music from my itunes playlist
> in my account on computer A, Then my daughter wanted to play music
> from her playlist in her account on computer A. Then my wife wanted
> to play music from her account on computer B? How does this work? Do
> you have to change this using the server software.? Can you change the

> source from the squeezebox? Can all playlists i.e all the music on
> both computers be available all the time?
> Also the music for computer A is on a firewire external drive, is this
> okay?
> Thanks for any help, I hope my explanation was clear.
> Steven Moore