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Craig, James (IT)
2004-09-20, 02:46
The plugin has to be disabled at the server to turn it off completely
(ie from server settings/advanced/plugins).
Changing the setting on the client just stops updates from that client
being applied to iTunes, without disabling
The plugin completely.

As the plugin readme says, it will not work normally if you run
SlimServer as a service,
which is why I added the indirect update mode (using a separate update
process) to the latest release.

If you're getting pauses between tracks the indirect mode could solve
this as well
(I've not encountered this, as the squeezebox buffer seems to be big
enough to smooth over the time taken to talk to iTunes)

You will have to run iTunes at some point though to apply the updates!


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How does one turn off the iTunes Updater plugin?
I tried to set it to STOP form the SLIMp3, but it always
with it on....

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its a bug with the iTunes Updater plugin.

Quoting The1FastCar <The1FastCar (AT) comcast (DOT) net>:

> Seems some iTunes/SLIMp3 scripting is causing me issues....
> If I run SLIM as a service, it constantly hangs at the end of each
> song for ~ 30 seconds.
> If I run SLIM from the command line, then it starts iTunes
> I need to STOP Slimp3 from doing this, as iTunes's a resource hog, and

> annoying. I have tried to disable it from the SLIMp3, but every time I

> re-start it re-activates..
> If I let iTunes run, and start slim.exe from the command prompt, I
> will occasionally get the following: (notice the last line)
> 2004-09-03 19:10:46.6761 Found 3 track(s) in iTunes
> 2004-09-03 19:10:46.6764 Checking for: *G:\Documents and
> Settings\Mast
> ments\My Music\Annie Lennox\Medusa\A Whiter Shade of Pale.mp3*
> 2004-09-03 19:10:46.6860 Found track in iTunes
> 2004-09-03 19:10:46.6879 Marking as played in iTunes
> 2004-09-03 19:10:46.6952 Starting to time "Sting - Fragile"
> getpeername() on closed socket GEN8 at /PerlApp/IO/Socket.pm
> 206.
> The current song will pause, then resume after a second.
> Any thoughts?
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