View Full Version : struggling with xpl

Torgeir Veimo
2004-09-20, 02:23
Am struggling with getting remote control commands reported by my
xplmonitor. I've downloaded the perl toolkit for xpl;

I've made a few fixes to make the perl code run properly under linux,
and started the xplhub and xplmonitor. I can see events I generate using
the sendplxmessage.pl script, but nothing from the squeezebox.

Is the squeezebox support in the slimserver or in the firmware of the
squeezebox? If the the latter, will an xplhub see the squeezebox even
ifthey are connected through a switch?

How can I test getting any remote commands from the squeezebox? I've set
it up to send raw commands. Any ideas welcome..

Torgeir Veimo <torgeir (AT) pobox (DOT) com>