View Full Version : Welborne Labs up to their old tricks

2011-03-18, 07:51
I made the mistake of ordering a Touch power supply from Welborne Labs before I read the posts here and elsewhere about their questionable customer service. Ordered the power supply on 3/9. Web site states that items will ship within 72 hours. Emailed them on 3/14 and was told it would ship out no later than 3/16 with a tracking number. Well here it is 3/18 and no tracking, and they are ignoring my request for a refund since I refuse to be led on anymore. I've filed a Paypal claim. YMMV...

BTW, please don't turn this into another discussion regarding the merits (or lack of) of the OEM switching power supply versus a linear power supply, etc... I just want to warn potential customers.... Thanks

2011-03-22, 16:45
Update - It took a week of arm twisting, and a complaint to the BBB, but I did manage to get my refund through PayPal. YMMV...