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2004-09-19, 11:37
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> As I understand it
> the bandwidth on 802.11b is just on the limit for uncompressed audio
> so I am quite likely to get dropouts if I try, hence it seems
> that I am
> doomed to be stuck here watching and waiting until an 802.11g version
> is released.

Not so. I stream uncompress audio and don't get dropouts (well, not due to
network congestion anyway).

Look at the maths:

CD quality uncompressed PCM audio consists of 44,100 samples per second, each
with 16 bits, x2 for stereo. i.e.

44100 x 16 x 8 = 1,411,200 bps (bits per second)
= 1.35 Mbps (Mega bits per second)

11b networking has a theoretical maximum bandwidth rating of 11 Mbps, although
in practise throughput is likely to be no more than half that, i.e. 5.5 Mbps.

Even allowing for some protocaol overhead you can see there is plenty of
bandwidth to stream uncompressed data over an 11b network.

> I have considered competitive devices but most of them don't offer
> SPDIF digital coax output and that is the only input that my audio
> system will accept (it doesn't even accept analogue input of
> any kind).

What DAC are you using?

> I have also considered getting the wired version and buying a
> dedicated
> 802.11g bridge to interface with my network but that is just too much
> clutter and hassle.

It's not as much hassle as you might think, and it costs about the same as a
wireless SB, but I understand where you're coming from regarding clutter - the
wireless SB is a pretty neat and tidy solution.

Summary: uncompressed audio works fine over 11b. Go buy a SBG!