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Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-09-19, 11:03
Should that be a bug - fix double http:// entries as part of the


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Novaplanet: problem solved!
Ok, I had a problem with a single web radio that could not play... I
discovered with the web interface that the radio was playing as
"http://" - notice the double "http:".

I opened the the .pls file with BBEdit: it was correctly recorder as
"". I changed the address with
"" and it started playing- with the correct address,
"" (with one "http://") appearing in the web

The weird thing is that all the other web radios where playing
correctly, and that I changed the .pls in iTunes a few times before.
Another factor, I forced a "rescan" of the database, but I don't think
it was the solution.

Thanks for your help.