View Full Version : Incorrect Station Art on Local SBS

2011-03-13, 09:06
Has anyone seen a problem where the station art is incorrect while using a local SBS? I've seen a problem getting the station art while connected to mySB, but this is different, the art work is there it's just plain wrong.

For example, right now KLOS (Internet radio station in Los Angeles) is diplaying art work for WICB, 91.7, Ithaca. I've tried deleting the favorite and re-adding it but the art work appears cached in the server. If I go directly to Radiotime the art work is correct as is the thumbnail that is used for the favorite. I suspect SBS has a cache that gets corrupted, but I'm not sure how to clear it.

Any ideas? Thanks,


2011-03-13, 11:02
SBS > Control Panel > Advanced > Clean Cache Folder > Run Cleanup