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2011-03-09, 11:47
Since a few days I'm having trouble when playing squeezebox (Touch).
Don't know what's up since it has played without problems for years.

The symptoms: when Squeezebox (Touch) plays, the server computer starts to lag up to the point that it can hardly be used anymore. Mouse trail is very slow, and when typing letters don't appear.
Strange thing is that processor is only on 3%. There should be no problem on this machine
When the Squeezebox stops playing, the problem immediately disappears.

Also - all artwork seems to have disappeared. (Artwork from the file that is playing is shown correct). Full Rescan did not fix this..

I'm running Versie: 7.5.3 - r31792 on Windows 7 machine with I7 processor and 6Gb memory..with Squeezebox Touch

I have already reset the SBtouch, and completely un- and reinstalled the server version 7.5.3. Rescan of the database took 6 hours, but the same problem persists. .

I have read about some trouble with 7.5.3..Could that be the cause?

Anyone experienced similar problems and have any suggestion on what to do next?


2011-03-09, 12:04
have you rebooted your network. If not, turn off router, and computer, and unplug touch. Then restart router, let fully start, reboot computer and let fully start, including SbS, then plug in Touch. If you decide that 7.5.3 is just problematic for you, install 7.5.2 instead from here:


2011-03-10, 02:28
Thanks, Gary, I'm afraid this did not help. It feels like the server PC is under extreme strain especially when the SB Touch is buffering a new track..

Haven't had this problem before, it started recently...I'll go back to 7.5.2 and see what happens.

2011-03-10, 03:10
System freezing with low CPU usage + 6hrs rescan time could suggest an I/O issue.
Are your hard drives / filesystems ok ?

2011-03-10, 03:34
I do hope so, had no signs of trouble until now, but one never knows what's lurking of course..