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2004-09-17, 18:34
I doubt the problem is Linux related. You might have another process that
is hogging up the system. Even when I was running my slimserver on a 300mhz
Celeron cpu with 256MB of RAM it never hiccuped or paused in any way, and
this was with running a squeezebox, slimp3 player, samba server which was
the master PDC for my windows domain and several other processes.

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My 'java' process uses 30mb of resident memory and 263mb of virtual memory.
It however never uses any cpu according to 'top', however when I play a file
(and there is a pause which occurs about 25% of the time) idle cpu % goes
down to 0% for a few seconds without any obvious process taking up the

Just tried using softsqueeze 0.6 on the linux machine connecting to a
windows macine runnign an old slimserver version and a similar thing occurs.
So I dont think it is a resource issue with running softsqueeze on the same
computer as slimserver.

I have also tried connecting to the linux slimserver froma windwos xp
machine running softsqueeze 1.3 and none of these problems occur. So it
appears to be a linux only problem.

Very odd!

Richard Titmuss wrote:
> John,
> I am not sure what is causing your problem here. The java process that
> you see listed in 'top' will be the Softsqueeze process. It is
> possible that the extra delay is caused by the PC swapping memory
> between RAM and disk. Your memory usage seems high at 250mb, on my
> Linux server Softsqueeze uses around 30mb of memory (but I do not have
> a sound card in that machine, so cannot actually play any music on
> it!). How much memory does Softsqueeze use when it starts?
> Regards,
> Richard
> John Gorst wrote:
>> Having some minor but annoying performance issues with softsqueeze on
>> a mandrake linux box (version 10) running java 1.5 beta 2 with
>> version
>> 1.2 of softsqueeze. CPU isaceleron 633 with just over 300mb of ram.
>> Most of the time the box copes perfectly with running slimserver and
>> running softsqueeze on the same box. When tracks are actually playing
>> the playback is faultless - even if I am doing stuff on the comptuer
>> (web access, reading mail, accessing the box by vnc) etc.
>> However it persistently has the same problem of there being a long
>> pause between pressing the play button and something playing (5-6
>> seconds). During this time CPU useage increases to 100%. This CPU
>> useage is not actually due to slimserver but some process that is not
>> listed using the 'top' command line program.
>> I can see java (which uses around 250mb of virtual memory - normal?)
>> which uses no CPU, but I can not see any entry for softsqueeze. I can
>> only assume that softsqueeze is using this extra CPU. This does not
>> seem to occur using my windows box - softsqueeze cpu useage does nto
>> seem to peek greatly when pressing play.
>> Is this a bug in softsqueeze, java or mandrake. Or is it just my box
>> ebing underpowered?
>> Just noticed that this behaviour is much improved (eliminated?) when
>> playing flac files - so I assume that it is softsqueezes mp3 decoded
>> which is causing problems somewhere? How could I change my
>> convert.conf so all files are conveted to wav files for playback in
>> softsqueeze and make sure that it persisted each time I upgraded to
>> the latest ngihtly? I assume that it would be a lot more efficient to
>> let lame decode the mp3 stream that the java mp3 decoded?
>> Many thanks for any help