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Dan Speirs
2004-09-17, 18:11
Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Squeezebox. I
have personally installed a few of these at buddies
houses and have enjoyed mine for 10 glorious months.
But, my buddy had the chance to preview the new Sonos
from a Santa Barbara company. Http://www.sonos.com.
This is a nice product.

A few interesting points that I really like:
* The system is free standing and doesn't require a
stereo to play music. The Squeezebox is nice with my
stereo but I would love to be able to pick it up and
take it outside.
* They claim to be able to play internet radio without
the computer on.
* The wireless network is interesting. I hear that
each player also has a wireless repeater in ti to
extend the network.
* My favorite feature is the one I wish Slimdevices
would create - a handheld remote with LCD screen.
Check this out
http://www.sonos.com/products/controller/ . Yeah, I
know you can use your PDA with slimserver (like I do)
but I like this solution much better.
* Sweet design. Mac lovers will likeit
* I can add many of these around the house (like 25 or
something) and I don't have to have a stereo in the
room to run it.

Some things I don't like
* Not open source software
* Expensive
* Not sure how the software works on your jukebox.
* No readout on player but remote has it all
* No idea about quality is like?

Slimdevices, I really would love a high quality LCD
remote and a player which is more portable.

Has anyone else seen Sonos? My initial reaction is
that this product will be popular for non-techies.
Squeezebox offers more to the tech people who like to
tinker around but I find it much more difficult to
adapt to non-techies. I see Sonos as a good fit for
people who don't mind spending more who are not very
tech savvy. Unfortunately, that is probably where the
money is.

Again, I love my Squeezebox and I don't mind tinkering
with it and making it do any different functions but I
would probably install Sonos in my parents house.

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