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2011-03-05, 19:36

I'm running Squeezebox Server Version: 7.5.3 - r31792. I have a Radioio premium account that is all good and have been using it through my SB3 for years. I can log into Radioio's web site and access the account without any problems.

However, starting today it seems, when I try to play any channel from Radioio, I get an immediate error that says "Error No Items Found In Playlist".

Also starting today, when I access the Radioio app either from the web interface or via my SB3, I usually get only my account as an entry, no radio channels. When I repeatedly try, sometimes the entire radio channel list does come back, but then trying to play any channel results in the error.

It looks like Radioio is having some troubles, but I was wondering if anybody else is seeing this? Or, maybe I have messed something up and somebody has a good pointer to straighten it out?


2011-03-06, 06:00
Ditto - Did something break in the API into Radioio?

2011-03-06, 06:28
I do not have a RadioIO Premium account, but same here. None will play from the RadioIO App.
But most will play from the generic listing Internet Radio > Music > Internet Only > RadioIO, but these are the 64k streams.

2011-03-06, 12:38
The radioio site has a "pardon our dust" message asking for patience as they work through some transitional kinks. I assume this is related.

2011-03-06, 15:20
I got the following reply to an e-mail inquiry:

We are aware of the issue and are looking in to what is happening,

Lead Customer Support Tech
customercare@radioio.com| 800 884 8634 X 718

2011-03-07, 15:28
And everything seems to be be back up and running. Yay.