View Full Version : Napster Irritations

2011-03-05, 04:54
Both the Plugin and the PC client appear somewhat flaky:


1. Whatever I do, I cannot delete albums from My Napster / Albums; deleting them via the PC client doesn't make any difference to what I find here.

2. I have an album in My Napster / Albums for which every track (all 29 of them) shows up in the Albums list.

3. Some albums that the PC client does find cannot be found at all using search from the plugin (however, this may be because they're of the type described in point 2. below).

PC Client:

1. In My Library, there are 'folders' for 'All Tracks', 'View by Genre', 'View by Artist', but *not* 'View by Album'. This is a pain. Anyone know how to rectify this (if it's possible)?

2. Only after unsuccessfully trying to add found albums several times, to my library (using options), did I find, by clicking on the found album's artwork, that the 'track' was no longer available at the copyright owner's request. I'd spent some time also searching for it via the plugin.

2011-03-05, 09:11
Napster has numerous problems with the API for both its web client and for Squeezeboxes. It started last year when Napster updated their API, which as far as I know, is still incomplete. The various album quirks you mention (multiple listings for the same album, no direct way to save an album to your Napster library, etc) are among the more annoying problems. There are various open bugs at bugs.slimdevices.com , as well as threads here.

There are some things that Logitech can do, but almost everything really comes down to Napster getting itself sorted out. And to make it even more complicated, the interfaces and issues vary from one country to another.