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2011-03-03, 13:12
Hi all,

I'm a long term SB suppporter. I've had various SB1s, now onto SB3s and Booms. In all that time I've run SqueezeCenter on Linux.

We have no radios in the house, no CD players, no tape players. We have a mixture of SB3, one Boom, and one Linux server running SqueezeCenter.

We can't afford a Transporter :-(

We listen to FLACs and Radio Scotland (thank you, BBC iPlayer Plugin) for around 9 hours per day. Every day.

I've had my complaints in the past, and I had my fears when Logitech got involved (I've lost count how many times I've had to return keyboards and mice under warranty).

But my current setup is flawless. It works. I can set up a 200 track playlist and know that it will play. I can listen to the radio for 12 hours and it works.

Thank you. To all the people involved in SqueezeCentre, the software, the continued support for Linux and Ubuntu, the plugins, people like BPA and Triode, others.

Easily the best gadget we have in our house.....and we have a LOT of gadgets ;-)


PS This didn't mean to sound like an Oscar speech. But I am genuinely very grateful for such a wonderful source of music.

2011-03-03, 13:36
I'll second Jim's thanks and add that in my home I have four SB3's two SB2's and two SB radios. I recently shifted SBS from my WHS machine to a 17w self-built VortexBox appliance. Our system is controlled by our Android phones via Squeeze Commander, by iPeng on iPod Touches and we do also use the old fashioned SB2/3 IR remotes. I've installed Squeezeboxes into a handfull of friends homes and they are very happy as well.

Where there is still work to be done is that the product is quite a bit harder than Sonos for a non-techie to install and enjoy. I believe Logitech recognizes this and hope they are dedicating resources to improve the platform. Personally, I love the ability to customize and do all sorts of cool stuff that is not possible on a Sonos, but the everage user wants to plug it in and have it just work. I hope for the sake of continued success for the product line that Logitech is able to broaden the user base while simultaneously keeping the techie user base satisfied.


2011-03-03, 14:49
This is the moment for the "I like" button ...