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2011-03-02, 15:46
Forgive me if this question was asked before, but I havenít seen a post seeking advice for 1) & 2) together. And I didnít want to hijack anyoneís post to ask.

1)I have a SB3 and a Duet and Iím running 7.5.3 from my main pc, via a D-Link DIR-825 router. I donít want my pc to be on, just so I can listen to music, so Iím looking into an alternative. I also have a LOT of movies, so Iím looking into a system that can handle music AND video. Iíve read through a lot of posts about the Sheevaplug, the vortexbox, a NAS, a netbook/laptop, etc; and now I have burnout. :)

2)This part Iíll post in the ďsystem photosĒ section, but Iíll briefly mention it here. What might help my decision would be photos and/or videos of a system showing the Squeezebox AND the sheevaplug/vortexbox/NAS, etc.

What would you guys suggest I look into? fyi: Wake On Lan would be something I would want.

Thanks guys.

2011-03-03, 07:39
VortexBox is a good solution because it supports any player not just Logitech. So you could get a DLNA player for your movies and that would work as well. Also VortexBox auto rips DVDs and CDs. VortexBox has SqueezeBox server pre-installed so you don't have to muck with any software to get SqueezeBox server working.

As for Wake Up on LAN I would leave your server on all the time. All three options support WOL but all three options also use less then 20 watts. So your talking less then $20 a year in power usage.