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2011-03-02, 15:38
hi. does anyone have pictures or videos of their system showing their squeezebox (preferrably the duet) with their 3rd party hardware? i'm talking about the sheevaplug, the vortexbox, the NAS, a laptop. i've seen photos of user's overall system, but i want to see how a typical system would look with those units... primarily for space requirements, but also for a visual on how to hook it up.

i have an SB3 and a Duet running SBS on my main computer and would like to expand. i have a lot of music and video. i looked on youtube and couldn't find a system showing a sheevaplug, or vortexbox, etc. actually connected.


2011-03-02, 16:17
You may not get many photos like you seem to be looking for because for many people the server isn't close at all to the Squeezebox. My server is the same hardware platform as a Vortexbox Appliance, but minus the DVD drive and using a different OS. You can see it next to my SB Radio in one of the pictures in Post #1099 in this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=19817&page=110 . You can also see the other SBs that are fed by the same server.

Post #1094 on that same page shows another user's multi-room system with a QNAP NAS. As you can see, the photo just looks like a NAS with some cables sticking out, because it isn't that close to some of the SBs.

As for how to hook it up, it's really not much different from what you have now with your pc. Plug the pc/nas/sheeva/vortexbox appliance into the AC outlet, and connect it by ethernet to your router. Then connect your SB to the router via ethernet or wireless. Or maybe I'm missing your point.

2011-03-03, 04:43
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I see your vortexbox(near the router, right?), and I also see the QNAP NAS (funny, I thought it was a modem :)). I know most people dont have their servers close to the squeezebox, I was just hoping to see more pictures showing them, as well as the rest of the system(like yours & post #1094)

Yes, you answered my question, the way I posted it. The thing is, I made a typo. When I said how to hook it up, I meant the sheevaplug. Im thinking you still need some kind of storage device along with the sheevaplug, right? For instance, sheevaplug + NAS connected to the router.

By the way: my cousin has the same corner stand as you. What a coincidence.

2011-03-03, 04:54
I don't know much about the Sheevaplug, but as far as I know the Sheevaplug does need external storage, either a NAS on the network or an external USB attached directly. There must be photos somewhere, but here's a picture of the Sheevaplug itself (http://www.slashgear.com/marvell-sheevaplug-99-linux-pc-hidden-in-a-wall-wart-2435556/) -- then imagine an ethernet cable running out of it, and possibly an attached USB drive as well (that is, if you don't choose to use a NAS).

EDIT: I neglected to answer that yes, that is my Vortexbox-like server next to the router. Btw, the Vortexbox Appliance is a great solution for people who want something that works straight out of the box. But if you're comfortable with installing RAM, hard drive, operating system, and software you can save yourself some money and/or get better performance with a semi-DIY barebones solution like mine. Newegg.com has some options along these lines: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=barebone+msi

EDIT2: Also check out post #1092 on that same page to see a FitPC2. It's sitting between the monitor and the speaker. It costs more than a Sheevaplug (I think around US$300-450, depending on CPU and HDD chosen), but it is one incredibly compact and slick server solution. It is big enough to hold a laptop-size (ie, 2.5 inch) hard drive.

2011-03-07, 21:42
that certainly helps a little bit more. maybe there are more systems in that post that show member's servers. hopefully they point it out like you did, and post #1092 did. i'll have to look through it again.

2011-03-08, 04:34
that certainly helps a little bit more. maybe there are more systems in that post that show member's servers. hopefully they point it out like you did, and post #1092 did. i'll have to look through it again.

Yes, Sheevaplug needs an external drive. One can use a USB external drive connected to the plug or point it at a NAS containing files.

2011-03-12, 20:52
that certainly helps a little bit more. maybe there are more systems in that post that show member's servers. hopefully they point it out like you did, and post #1092 did. i'll have to look through it again.

1092 was my post. The FitPC2 has pretty straightforward connections. I use the ethernet connection (could have used wifi with my model), and that is the only connection other than power. I am currently running headless (using UltraVNC), but have used the DVI monitor connection (and keyboard/mouse) in the past.

The FitPC is used solely as a music server in this instance, although it is a full-fledged PC. I bought the diskless version and installed a 2.5" 500gb drive, on which resides SBS and my music collection. The device is on 24/7, has been for a year and a half, with no problems. Content is updated using Second Copy backup software across the network, from my master music folder on a dedicated external drive attached to my main computer.


2011-03-15, 02:58
Probably not what you are looking for, but here's mine. Its currently stripped down again while I fiddle with an Ion Mobo to run XBMC as well.

2011-03-15, 09:43
wow. very intersting setup you have there. you really put some thought into it. thanks for the pics, everything helps.

funny you mention XBMC. i want to rip my large collection of DVDs and my music to a storage device. from there i can access my music thru the squeezebox & stereo; and my video thru XBMC & tv. i've just started to read about XBMC and it seems like a good way to go with my videos. (wouldn't it be great for competition if logitech added a video out or HDMI out on the squeezebox lines? i hear you can stream your music on the Apple TV and the Roku boxes.)

thanks for the replies guys. keep 'em coming. :)