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Julian Griffiths
2004-09-16, 07:52
Hello All,
I am having trouble playing back Ogg and Flac files using SlimServer (WAV
and MP3 play fine).

I have a PC running Windows 98 SE with 640 MB RAM. Squeezebox Player
Firmware Version: 37. SlimServer is currently version 5.3.0b1, the nightly
from 15th September, but this has been a persistent problem regardless of
what Server version I have installed. I bought my Squeezebox back in July -
it's the old regular Squeezebox, not the new graphics one.

Note that I can play Ogg and Flac files on my PC using foobar and Winamp,
etc. The problems begin when I try to play them in SlimServer. Two things

1. With Bitrate Limit set at "No Limit" and file format "Ogg Vorbis stream
as MP3" disabled (ie. only stream as WAV), playback of an Ogg file results
in very choppy stop-start sound. The d_source debug log confirms this:
"Underrun while this mode: play".

2. With Bitrate Limit active and file format "Ogg Vorbis stream as MP3"
enabled, playback of an Ogg file results in SlimServer immediately hanging
and the Squeezebox complaining that the server can no longer be found. I
cannot refresh or otherwise interact with the SlimServer, though it will let
me shut it down and my PC continues to function seemingly without incident.
However, a process called "Winoldap" always remains running and I cannot
close it through Task Manager; when I come to shutdown my PC, the shutdown
procedure hangs trying to close a process (sometimes Winoldap, sometimes
Slim, sometimes Oggdec, sometimes Lame) and I have to manually reset the PC.
The log becomes inaccessible the instant the server hangs, so there's no
debug information I'm afraid.

(Where I mention Ogg files, I get exactly the same result trying to play
Flac files.)

I find issue 1 odd because I have no trouble playing WAV files under the
same circumstances: they stream smoothly, so I doubt it's a congested
network. Could it be that my PC struggles to decode Ogg files in real-time?
(Again, this would be odd as I happily play Ogg files on my PC using
foobar2000 player.)

Issue 2 is peculiar too, as WAV files play under the same circumstances -
they are converted to MP3 and play effortlessly on the Squeezebox - so it
doesn't appear to be a problem with Lame. Could there be a specific issue
with decoding-Ogg and encoding-MP3?

I've tried everything I can think of: the official current SlimServer
release and various nightlies; re-naming/tagging tracks to remove
apostrophes, etc; I have copies of oggdec, lame and flac executables in all
the folders that others have suggested in the list archives. These problems
happen every time, whether I've four or four hundred tracks in my playlist.

Apologies for this lengthy email. Hopefully this is something simple that
I've stupidly overlooked. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



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