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2011-02-28, 10:11
I think Moodagent would be a nice new feature for Squeezebox

I've made a feature request here...

2011-02-28, 23:41

2011-03-01, 02:42
MusicIP still works very well with Squeezebox Server, and you can add the Spicefly Sugarcube Plugin to enhance it even further.

Moodagent still does not have a Desktop app (they have a profiler, but that's no use on it's own). They would need a proper desktop app (which they said was coming a while back) or better yet, a headless app or license their technology to SD/Logitech, and also support additional formats like flac, for this to work like MIP does now. You probably need to make a request to the Moodagent folks first.

See this thread for an earlier discussion:


2011-03-06, 09:31
Moodagent still does not have a Desktop app..

Moodagent supports Winamp. Not really a desktop app, but there's progress...

2011-03-06, 09:55
Mac and PC what about Linux a very large userbase uses linux often in the form of a NAS .

I have a server running the rpm build , the profiler should ideally be incorperated in the normal sbs web-UI .

Well I vote , maybe one of these days...

2011-03-06, 14:05
Moodagent has a desktop profiler - http://www.moodagent.com/desktopprofiler - now a desktop Moodagent application with an API is needed for a plugin to be written.
There is no info about the operation of the desktop profiler, whether it writes its own tags etc.
Edit : There is a FAQ - http://www.moodagent.com/faq#profiler - appears it only works with standard iTunes library at this stage.

2011-03-23, 06:44
As far as I understand it (from reading and also using the desktop profiler) it merely checks if "profile" is available for the files in the "Moodagent Cloud" and if not it analyzes them and sends them to the cloud.

On your smartphone I would expect the moodagent app to have its own DB containing the tags - at least it syncs your tracks with the cloud - so no tagging of the "physical" files take place...
I suppose it's the same when used as a plug-in in Winamp.

BTW: The first time I used the desktop profiler on Windows, I just let it loose on my whole music library placed on my NAS (25K tracks in various formats) - took some time, but a lot of the tracks were fortunately already profiled.

2011-05-25, 23:01
There is a desktop agent now: http://www.moodagent.com/blog/moodagent-for-windows-is-here

2011-06-23, 05:58
Now that we have the desktop software, we would only need a Squeezebox plugin, is someone working on this ?


2011-12-14, 16:20
With Moodagent and Squeezebox, would there be a need for a product like Spicefly's Sugarcube?

2011-12-15, 01:29
With Moodagent and Squeezebox, would there be a need for a product like Spicefly's Sugarcube?

sugarcube is not needed for musicip to function, but it enhances it greatly. Same might be possible with moodagent (if it ever will be available).