View Full Version : Squeezeplay/msb.com, Sirius app

2011-02-26, 22:43
I have Squeezeplay installed on a windows 7 PC and XP PC. When I go my apps, and select Sirius radio app, it loads the channel list, I select achannel and it begins to play, but then displays a message "Unable to play file for type:x", Where x is the channel name. I can run the app fine from my squeezboxserver thru a remote squeezebox, but not luck with Squeezeplay. Anyone seen this problem before.

2011-02-27, 22:00
It looks like I figured out my problem and here is what I think happened...
I had my Squeezeplay on two separate PC connected to Msb.com and when I tried to play Sirius, it did not know how to decode WMA. I went into my local server and made the Squeezeplay disconnect from Msb.com and run thru my server. Now they both work fine. That was a fun few hours! All I wanted to do was listen to Sirius while I changed my oil in my truck and next thing I know, I got sucked down a worm hole trying to figure this out. Oh well, I guess that is how you learn.