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2011-02-21, 09:33
Just curious if Rhapsody works for anyone? I'm able to browse the collection, make a selection but then nothing will play. The squeezeserver shows connecting and then nothing happens. I do not have a logitech player to test with and am only using the built in player included with vortex box.

I'm trying to figure out if it is the player or the server

2011-02-21, 19:22
Rhapsody works fine for me on a SB v3 Classic, as does Pandora. Sirius/XM is another issue. :-(

2011-02-22, 07:21
Mine works fine now but I have had periodic problems in the past with Rhapsody. Here's what I have seen in the past: I can select a track, see it buffer on the controller, see the album art appear and see the seconds start to tick away on the track progress bar but no sound comes out. If I switch to a different track, the same thing occurs: no sound.

This problems randomly comes and goes. I can't say this for sure but my guess is there is something on the Rhapsody side going on. Since around November, they have had problems after moving to new servers/data center. See their forum for all of the issues. Others have similar problems like what I described but it doesn't impact everyone. No rhyme or reason to it. Note also that Sonus users have also had issues with Rhapsody.

Before you consider switching to Napster (like I did), they are having all sorts of problems as well.