View Full Version : missing music after rescan

2011-02-19, 08:31
hi all
ive been running a radio,boom and duet for some time and after ironing out initial issues,its been fine.
however,after installing a 2tb drive in my readynasduo, and doing a full rescan(which took 4 days!)certain albums do not come out when searching for them.
any ideas?
theres about 650gb of music on my nas, is the only way another full rescan?
ive looked in the folder on the nas where the albums are stored and they are there..
any help please?

2011-06-11, 15:02
any ideas folks?i did a complete full rescan and ended up with around 300 albums,so for some reason it just cant see most of them.very annoying cos if i go through my pc i can play the files on the nas, which defeats the object as that was my squuezebob radio/boom/duet was supposed to do

2011-06-12, 02:39
if you use " browse music folder " can you see thoose folder asuming one folder per album ?

It could simply be permission issue on the NAS ( for experiment purposes set the music library to only one of thoose " unscanable " folders so that scanning experiments don't take days And server.log and scanner.log would be much smaller).

If you cant browse to one of theese folders from sbs settings that would also indicate a permission issue.

What is the file formats btw ? And server version ? What player ?

You installed a 2tb drive is this the only drive in it ? Or is a part of the library on another drive ?
Is all music on the 2 tb drive, if not how did you link them together ? For example the NAS can not read windows shortcuts it has to be linux symlinks ( you make thoose in a terminal window via ssh ).