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2004-09-15, 08:57
Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure what firmware I'm using (31?). I haven't
upgraded it since I bought the unit about 3-4 weeks ago (I have the one with
the new display).

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I'm getting this as well with firmware 37, going back to 35 fixed this for
me. This may or may not be the same thing you are seeing. I've been
streaming remotely for months now without problems, so my guess is something
changed in the firmware that is causeing these issues.


On Sep 15, 2004, at 3:52 AM, Milan wrote:

> Hi,
> I can't get remote streaming to work for any prolonged period. After
> half an hour or so of usage, SlimServer (5.3.0b1) stops responding -
> the only way to fix this is for me to go home and restart the service!
> Is there any reason why this might be happening?
> Cheers,
> Milan.