View Full Version : Display Upgrade... Rebate?

Michael Sigalos
2004-09-15, 08:00
Got my new Squeezebox with the graphic display and it is impressive, as
expected. So now I would like to upgrade my other Squeezeboxen.

Two questions...

1. I notice the display upgrade page says "August Special: $69 (after
rebate)". Given it is now mid-September, does this mean the rebate
is no longer offered?

2. I'd really prefer not to do the upgrade myself as I have too many
other things distracting me right now and shipping the old displays
back is probably more effort than I'd like to invest. Would anyone
who is not planning on upgrading their display be interested in
purchasing one or both of my (wired) 2-line units for a discount,
say current selling price less the price of the upgrade? This
would provide someone with an excellent and reasonably priced
Squeezebox unit (about 3 - 6 months old) and save me the hassle
of installing the new display.