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2011-02-17, 12:34
All -

Anyone know anything new about the CBC app, or has it operating? I see some threads from last year outlining problems with CBC play in general.

I installed it the other day, but trying to play CBC 1 or 2 yields a message saying there is no content.

Scott A.

2011-02-17, 13:22
Some play, some don't. I'd say the CBC App is still broke. :(

2011-02-19, 19:34
I installed the CBC app, but haven't tried it extensively. I only ever listen to CBC Calgary which is also available under "local" in "internet radio" where I am located.

The two streams are not the same though, one has graphics and one does not.

Overall, i have had a lot of problems with both streams disconnecting or stopping. However the CBC app does appear to at least work for CBC Calgary, I think I tried Vancouver once as well to time shift and hear the same program again.

I use the SB radio if that makes any difference.

2011-02-20, 09:35
Not only have i had issues with dropping and constant re-buffering with the cbc app on my squeezebox radio, i have had issues with the direct streaming urls. I have looked high and low for an answer for this, CBC has refused to answer simple questions, and logitech has been responsive, polite, but not particularly helpful. I have a server running from a synology ds209, and have discovered through trial and error that if i have the synology either uploading or downloading torrents (no matter how low a set the transfer rates) that my cbc feed is greatly negatively affected. if i stop all transfers, the cbc works reasonably well, though still experiences some re-buffering, but is listenable.

i am not a techie, but if i had to guess, i'd say that the squeezebox is using the same ports as the torrent software, which in my opinion, is a Logitech problem, not a cbc problem. it would be nice if one were able to specify the ports used for streaming, but i dont know how to do this.

at any ratem i hope this helps.


2011-02-20, 10:03
Not sure why you'd bother with the app. Here are a few direct URL's that work great when saved as favorites. ET is 128l, the others are 192 variable:

http://radiostreams.cbc.ca/cbc-cbcr2hfx-128.m3u - Radio 2 Atlantic
http://radiostreams.cbc.ca/cbc-cbcr2tor-128.m3u - Radio 2 Eastern
http://radiostreams.cbc.ca/cbc-cbcr2wpg-128.m3u - Radio 2 Central
http://radiostreams.cbc.ca/cbc-cbcw4tor-128.m3u - Canadian Composers


2011-02-26, 13:30
Yeah, sure, you can add the URL's to your "Favorites", but that is just a work around to why we have apps in the first place i.e. convenience! Come on Logitech, you have to know who created the CBC application so how about getting them to fix it? Throw a bone to your northern customers. God knows, we already have our share of apps that don't function here because of geo-restrictions, so at least give us a working CBC one....

2011-02-26, 18:50
Yeah, sure, you can add the URL's to your "Favorites", but that is just a work around to why we have apps in the first place i.e. convenience!

If you want an app, you can also access all the CBC streams via RadioTime :-)