View Full Version : Player goes dark with no activity

Jeff Allison
2004-09-14, 08:00
I've been battling this problem for a couple of months now and I wonder if anyone is seeing anything like this.

My squeezebox can sit idly for a couple of days and then just go dark. Specifically you'll see that it's not displaying the date/time. If you push power, it complains that it cannot connect to the server. A check of the server at this point reveals that it's not doing much of anything (0-1% CPU usage, about 15-20Mbyte memory footprint). A restart of the service causes the SB to come back to life, at which point you can play music happily. But obviously it's a drag to have to restart the service to hear some music.

This happens on both the wireless and wired network. At first I thought it had to do with creating large playlists and exhausting the server, but it happens even when I do _nothing_ (i.e., restart the server and just let it sit for a couple of days, then it goes dark).

Any thoughts on debugging this?

I'm running a nightly build from 8/29 (per Dean's suggestion). The server box is Windows XP SP1.

- Jeff

Steve Baumgarten
2004-09-14, 09:38
> Any thoughts on debugging this?

One question (since it wasn't clear from your initial posting): can you
connect to the server after the point when the SqueezeBox has gone dark?
In other words, is the server generally responsive, can you point Winamp
at it, can you browse artists, etc., in a browser?