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2011-02-13, 17:39
I have been a Squeezebox user for 6 plus years. Recently I decided to give Rhapsody a try. I a Classic Squeezebox, Boom, and I am using the iPeng app on my iPad.

I am having difficulty figuring out how to make playlists while using Rhapsody. When I click the icon to save a list of Rhapsody songs that are playing the action never completes. All I get is a waiting for 192.168.0.xxx. I am unable to save the playlist.

With iPeng I am able to save the playlist but when I go back to the playlist to play it it says unable to connect to server.

Maybe I don't understand the whole Rhapsody process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2011-02-14, 06:14
Doesn't really answer your question but I always use the Rhapsody client to create and manage my library and playlists. The interface is easy to use and I always have a laptop handy. I've never tried to do it from the SB.

2011-02-14, 06:44
I don't think you can create Rhapsody playlists through the Squeezebox interface.
I always thought that building and saving playlists from online sources like Rhapsody should work and I'm also pretty sure it did in the past but now I can see that at least with SBS 7.6 it doesn't. Maybe worth filing a bug.
In 7.5.3 this works for me.

Which server version do you use?

If you only use MySqueezebox.com, it's not possible to save a playlist, that iPeng still shows the button there is a bug.

2011-02-15, 15:53
I am using 7.5.3

Ghostrider's comment got me looking into this further. Finally found a way to make playlists. Using the Rhapsody iPad (iPhone actually I think) app I was able to make a playlist. Once I was finished making the playlist I went back to iPeng and the playlist I made was in the playlist folder. Works great.

Thanks for your help.