View Full Version : 44.1 shows on DAC

2011-02-13, 02:40
If I play a 24/96 FLAC the DAC still shows 44.1, but SOX should downsample to 48? Or am I wrong?

2011-02-13, 03:34
AFAIK, that depends on whether its downsampling a 88 or 96kHz file.

2011-02-13, 03:35
SOX IS downsampling 96 to 48 unless you seriously messed with you convert.conf files or or the files is really a 24/88.2 file .

Or some dac wierdness .

What kind of squeezebox player SB2/3 & Reciever supports up to 24/48kHz

SB1 16/48 ? (no bith dept in wiki hw compare page) and ye olde slimp3 16/44.1

If you use or synced wuth an old slimp3 you could get 44.1 ?