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Nic Wardle
2004-09-13, 12:30
Hi all,
I have posted a few times here, enjoying the threads, whilst waiting for delivery of my new SBG in the UK.
Well, it finally arrived last saturday.
INstallation was a breeze on my wireless network (though i had to change the authentication to Shared, as known, on my "open" network), and the device happily got on with playing my music collection.
I have not yet installed the new server/firmware update as I am a little conerned that I may run in to too many problems until a finalised version is complied, so I know i am not yet enjoying the pleasures of the new graphic display. BTW how can I tell i actually have the NEW DISPLAY model???
I do have a question/problem though. I can play a radio station off shoutcast (M1 live) no problem, but I have the same station URL in my itunes library in a saved playlist that works fine if using itunes itself, but trying to play the "song" (ie URL entry) from the playlist on the squeezebox results in a "connecting to URL" screen and then "playing" but no sound.... after a few seconds the squeezebox then reverts back to the playlist listing...
Any ideas??

On a side note, I have had a few interesting moments with wireless signal strength to the SB whilst using a 802.11g laptop. It caused the signal strength to nose dive and the SB to lose connection or just generate random freezes/reboots/lockouts.
I have another "g" device (an ethernet client ot my Xbox) that does not cause this problem - interesting!!

So there, my first few days with Squeezebox... a joy to have speedy access to my music collection with a few minor hiccups!!!

Just thought I'd share with you!



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2004-09-14, 10:50
On Sep 13, 2004, at 12:30 PM, Nic Wardle wrote:
> BTW how can I tell i actually have the NEW DISPLAY model???

When you plug in the player, you should see the Slim Devices log fade
on and off the screen if you have the new display.
If you have an old display, you will only see the Free Your Music