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2011-02-09, 15:31
I've had a squeezebox 3 in my kitchen for the past 3 years. It's always worked flawlessly until last week. But it's now properly messing about....

It seems to be OK, all menus work fine. Signal appears to be in the mid 50's. And when I select an album, the first track begins as you would expect. However, the remote becomes unrepsonsive and won't go through any of the menus. The music continues to stream with no issues at this stage, but the display says it's connecting to the wireless network. It does so. Although the remote is still unresponsive. And repeatedly says connecting to the wireless network. But irrespective of what album I have originally selected, the SB finished the first track, and then goes silent. As soon as the first track ends, i get the message that it can't find the next track.

I can then use the remote again, select another album, and we go through the same rigmorole again. What is going on? Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it??? It's now effectively unusable.

2011-02-09, 15:46
Kinda sounds like a possible IP conflict where your SB3 and another device are trying to use the same IP.
Try a network reboot, unplug router, turn off computer, unplug SB3.
Now bring them back up in that same order, waiting for each to completely boot up before proceeding to the next device.
Start up SBS server before plugging SB3 back in.

If that doesn't solve it I'd check the IP of every device on your network for possible duplicates.

2011-02-09, 15:53
Cheers for the suggestion.

Everything on the network is on a static IP. So would be surprised if that fixed it. But will try and give it a go tomorrow...

2011-02-10, 13:18
Had a look this evening to check whether there was an IP conflict, and there doesn't appear to be. I shut down the network and turned everything back again one by one. And then looked at the devices connected to the router, and there's no hint of an IP issue. So don't know what it may be.

For what it's worth, neither of my other squeezeboxes are showing any sign of playing up. It's just the one in the kitchen. Which would suggest it's not a problem at the server end....

They're running the 130 firmware. Is it worth changing that (if possible) to see if that'll work??

2011-02-10, 13:32
Dunno. Any chance of moving it closer to the router temporarily to see if that clears it up? WiFi signal in the 50's can be problematic, even if it was working fine before.
Could even be the SB3 WiFi card going bad. :(

2011-02-10, 13:41
Just went out to the kitchen to fetch it in, and I think we may be close to a resolution one way or the other. Screen blank. And the thing is burning hot. Assume it's been trying to connect/reconnect to the server all day and has fried itself...

Will see if it works closer to the server. But strange that there's no problem for the first track.

Will let you know what happens once I feel comfortable turning it back on!

2011-02-10, 13:56

It works fine from the living room. Which I assume means that something has happened to my wireless signal from the kitchen. After three years, what could have caused the signal to be so much worse? There's never been a problem before....

Are there any settings that I can alter to reduce the wireless traffic to my SB?

The music library is now over 1000 albums, could that be an issue for it?

2011-02-10, 14:13
That's the voodoo of WiFi, who knows. Might be a neighbor has installed a WiFi, or changed ch's which is interfering with your WiFi ch.
There are some very basic WiFi tweaks you can try to enhance your WiFi signal.

Some very basic WiFi tweaks (you will need admin access to your router to try these simple changes):
1. use a unique SSID name (name of your network/router)
2. if using a G WiFi: set WiFi to G only (turns off a & b modes)
3. if using an N WiFi: set to G Compatibility mode (if using G devices)
4. change the broadcast channel to the least used channel near you
5. choose only channels 1 or 6 or 11 (or 13 if available)
6. router and WiFi antenna orientation adjustments can help signal strength
7. keep router away from other electronic devices (cordless phones, ISP modem, computers)
8. reboot WiFi router every once in a while (once a month is usually sufficient)

1. This prevents accidental connections. WiFi devices can only differentiate between different WiFi’s by that WiFi’s name (SSID). So if both you and your neighbors WiFi are both named “Linksys” your devices may accidentally connect to your neighbors WiFi. And your neighbor may accidentally connect to your WiFi.

2. The old a & b WiFi protocols are very slow, if any a or b device connects to your network all devices on your WiFi will slow down to the a or b speed. Also broadcasting in a and b can cause the G signal to be weaker. Turning off a & b broadcasting on your WiFi can give as much as a 20% signal boost to your G signal.

3. Rather obvious, G devices need to communicate with a G signal

4. To see what WiFi channels are in use near you a free program like NetStumbler
can be used if your computers WiFi program does not show channel numbers.
Ex: If the strongest competing signals around you are ch's 6 and 11, then choose
ch 1 for your WiFi.

5. Ex: ch’s 2, 3, 4, 5 will overlap with ch’s 1 and 6

6. Just moving the router a few feet up/down or in a different part of the room can make a big difference. Ex: mine is on the shelf of a first floor closet in the center of the house, so the WiFi is basically “centered” for all points in the house. Ethernet cables are CHEAP so cost wise it is not expensive to move the WiFi router to most anywhere in the home. Cost aside, it needs access to power and how Ethernet cables are run to the router is another issue (might be visible)

7. reduces likelihood of RF interference

8. routers are basically a mini linux computer and they can have issues (memory leaks, DHCP confusion, DNS resolution problems, etc..) like any other computer where a simple reboot can improve performance. Reboot is simply unplugging it for 30 seconds, plugging it back in.

SqueezeBox players are only G compatible, the router must utilize the G spectrum for your player to work on an N router. G speeds are more than sufficient to handle any audio transmissions over WiFi (i.e. N is not needed for audio).

2011-02-17, 15:29
Thanks. That seems to have worked. Must have been a new neighbourhood network causing issues.

Stupid wireless settings!

2011-02-18, 02:51
Glad you got it working reliably again. Going forward it's a good idea to check your WiFi surroundings every now & then to see if anything has changed.
You could be fine for years, then one day your neighbor simply changes his WiFi ch and now you have all kinds of WiFi issues. You just never know. ;)