View Full Version : Squeezeslave sound distorted on SheevaPlug over USB DAC

2011-02-09, 02:44
I'm currently running SBS on a SheevaPlug and since it's located near a stereo, I just added a USB DAC (Project USB Box) to it and installed Squeezeslave and in principle, everything is working.

However, the sound is so distorted that it's barely recognizable as music anymore.

I'm first of all interested in whether anyone has faced this problem. But I'm also willing to get my hands dirty if someone can point me in the right direction. I know C well, but unfortunately, I don't know too much about audio, so any pointers as to how I could debug this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few additional pieces of information that should help narrow the problem down:

The strangest thing first: If I create load on the SheevaPlug, for instance by running "while true; do ls; done" or setting the refresh rate of top to .000001, the distortions are gone!
I tried with the latest precompiled version from here (http://squeezeslave.googlecode.com/files/squeezeslave-1.0-231-alsa-armel-lnx26.tar.gz) and the trunk version from SVN. The results are the same.
Adding "-y 1000" helped a lot already, but I still get distortions every few seconds.
Elevating squeezeslave to real-time priority using "chrt 99 nice -n -20" did not help
Squeezeslave on my laptop works just fine (with or without USB Hub in between)
Other audio players work just fine on the SheevaPlug (tried with mpg123)

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!