View Full Version : Frozen SB 2 issue

2011-02-08, 12:54
I have a SqueezeBox 2 which is completely frozen.

The issue appears to relate to using LazySearch, it's been showing for a while as:
Search with LazySearch
Play a track
Hit the left button
Screen shows 'The Current playlist'
Box is now frozen and ignores every button on the remote for about 60 seconds.
The only way out is to wait until the 60 seconds is up and the screen returns to the now playing screen, at which point I can switch off and on again.

However, today played a track without repeat, after the track had finished I pressed the left arrow and the unit went into the frozen state described above, but will not return to the now playing screen: it is stuck as frozen. I have tried rebooting (remove power and re-apply) but after booting it just goes back to the current playlist frozen screen again.

Is there any way to get the unit out of this frozen state?

2011-02-08, 13:02
Never mind, I connect over the network from the PC and managed to get the unit switched off/unfrozen.