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2011-02-04, 13:22
I have been using WiFi for my Transporter flawlessly for years. Lately, I am thinking if I should use Ethernet instead. Does anyone know if the WiFi module inside Transporter will get shut down when Ethernet is used?

If the WiFi module does get shut down, it will have a lower noise floor, which is a good thing.

2011-02-04, 14:02
read this thread. several answers from Sean Adams, the creator of the Transporter and other Squeezebox players.....


2011-02-04, 22:12
Thanks Gary. Interesting thread. My take away from that thread is that I should get an Ethernet cable. The TCP ACK on the WiFi may induce noises.

2011-02-05, 06:18
I'm not worried about the wifi induced noise, if any. But I'm a big believer in ethernet where possible. Just solves a lot of other potential issues. I'm lucky, I restored an old house last year and ran CAT6 everywhere. So only my laptop and Controllers/iphones are not connected via ethernet. At another location I don't have ethernet, but use MoCa (ethernet over CATV) for my players and it works beautifully.

2011-02-07, 22:06
Thanks again for the comment. My home router has MoCA and I put two ECBs (Ethernet Coax Bridges), one for my SB3 and one for my ModWright modded Transporter. The improvement is very noticeable!

The ModWright modded Transporter has exposed tubes outside of the enclosure. Without the 2.4GHz WiFi, it sounds a bit sweeter!

2011-02-08, 08:04
without the 2.4ghz wifi, it sounds a bit sweeter!