View Full Version : Dlink DWL-G820 with wired Squeezebox = no connection?

Greg Stumph
2004-09-12, 10:16
Is anyone else using a DLink DWL-G820 as a bridge to connect their wired
Squeezebox to a wireless network? I just bought one yesterday, but I
can't get it to work with the Squeezebox, in either DHCP or static mode.
I can connect the Squeezebox directly (via cable) to my DI-624 Access
Point, and it will get an IP address via DHCP, see the SlimServer, etc.
I can also get a PC to connect to the network via the DWL-G820, using
DHCP with no problem. But the Squeezebox just doesn't seem to like this
thing. Before I return it and try a DWL-G810 or SMC2870W (or something
else that has WPA support), does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm
using firmware version 37 by the way, but I've also tried it with 31...

Greg Stumph