View Full Version : Assign Restricted access to individual players

2011-01-31, 09:55
I would like to restrict the mp3-content my kids have access to from their player.

Is following idea feasible:
1) Maintain my own table (playerID, songID) in DB describing all songs for each individual player. Some pretty plugin would be best but I manually maintaining the table would be fine also.

2) This is the tricky part: Make SB INNER JOIN that table ON PlayerID so that only allowed songs are exposed. If nothing is there for a given Player then everything is exposed.
Any advise on which script to look into would be appreciated.

(MultiLibrary plugin doesn't do the trick because my kids could still go to MyFolder menu and see everything)


2011-01-31, 12:07
The folder menu doesn't query the database so they'd still be able to do that regardless unless you get rid of it somehow. Then the multi-library should work for you anyway.

There was a thread not long ago from a guy who'd seriously trimmed down the menus on the Touch for his kids and had got it tied down nicely.

May be worth a read and see if it can form the basis of a solution for you.


Of course this is assuming that they have a Touch since you haven't specified the player types. The concept will probably work for the Radio and Controller too with a bit of work, but you'd need something different for the Classic or Boom.