View Full Version : What is a good, simple compact setup?

Paul M
2004-09-11, 15:50
On 9/11/04 5:20 PM, "Jack Coates" <jack (AT) monkeynoodle (DOT) org> wrote:

>> I have a couple of Slimp3s connected to main stereo systems in my house,
>> but I'd like to add music to a couple of bedrooms in the house with some
>> new SBs. Question is: what is a good, simple compact audio setup for
>> this situation -- i.e., brand/model of amp and speakers? Does anyone
>> have a recommended / preferred setup for this sort purpose? Compact and
>> simple more important than top audio quality.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> pmf
> Edirol MA-20D -- speakers with integrated amplifiers. Very nice.

I got some Klipsch powered speakers 2 + 1 Sub and they sound terrific. I
also got a set of Logitech 2200's that were on sale for $57 After Rebate
that I consider a steal and for added rooms they would also work great. Not
Audiophile sound but I would recommend it to anyone thinking of a similar
setup. I was pleasantly surprised at the sound that I got from these so
called computer speakers. They are definitely worth a test run.