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2011-01-30, 19:33
Hello all,

I am new to the community as I just purchased a Squeezebox Touch and I love it. So much so I am desperately looking for a video version of what it does to stream to my hdtv.

Obviously Apple TV does this but I am not interested in that as I understand that it cannot play mp4 files that were user created which is a deal breaker for me.

Having something that can connect to the net and stream netflix seems like a natural necessity at this point but for me I am more interested in converting my entire SD-DVD collection to mp4 for lower bandwidth and to rid myself of the space the DVDs currently take up.

Anyone else out there have something similarly setup to this? Any advice is appreciated!

2011-01-30, 19:45
Build or buy a little HTPC and then... http://xbmc.org/about/.

Looks like AMD's new Brazos (http://www.anandtech.com/show/4134/the-brazos-review-amds-e350-supplants-ion-for-miniitx) will make a great inexpensive platform for HTPCs. Not too many motherboards out yet, but soon. Should also run Squeezebox Server nicely for a low power server.

2011-01-31, 08:39
check out Boxee http://boxee.tv

2011-01-31, 08:43
Or hack the Apple TV and install 3rd party software that allows the use of most codecs. :)

2011-01-31, 08:55
Popcorn Hour A210. I love mine as it plays just about any format and is reasonably priced.

2011-01-31, 12:50
I used mythtv for a really long time. In my opinion, it's a great app for recording TV, but a not-so-great app for displaying a large video library, and a poor choice if you're interested in streaming audio.

Just like squeezebox server deals with between local music collections and online music streaming services (via mysqueezebox.com), I see the same trends happening in video -- new users are being pushed to streaming video sites - this pretty much means Hulu or Netflix. Other sites are selling video downloads mixed with streaming in a totally closed ecosystem - notably Apple. And lastly, you have everyone with their existing video content who want to be able to continue to easily access and play it.

For the last category, access to local video content, I have to say that I've been using xbmc exclusively for viewing my local video files for the last few months and it's quite versatile. If you haven't used release 10 of XBMC or looked at it in the last year, you should definitely do so (just make sure you're on a powerful computer with accelerated graphics)

xbmc has a lot of plugins, but the plugins are more of an addon to the ability to navigate and view videos, photos, and music. They feel like bolt-ons.

boxee is attempting to integrate all content from a wide variety of 3rd party sources and local content so that the user can search for TV shows or movies, and not need to worry about WHERE / WHAT SITE is hosting that content until the end user makes the final decision to start streaming. Boxee is also integrating PAID content like netflix, etc.

I think the squeezebox server / MySqueezebox.com duo could learn a lot by looking at how boxee integrates content from extremely diverse sources into a user-focused UI instead of separating everything by SERVICE.

Google TV on the other hand is something more like an upgraded cable box/dvr with functionality like the XBMC video service plugins added in, but it doesn't the holistic view of available content that boxee has.


2011-02-04, 13:11
After getting some good leads from you guys in this forum I did a little more research and decided to go with AppleTV.

For the price, ease of use and ability to jailbreak I think this is the one for me. I'll let you guys know how it goes later when I get it up and running. Probably won't be for a while though as I am really busy.