View Full Version : MusicIP data on ramdisk

2011-01-30, 10:31
You can set the MusicIP service to read/write the mip datafile wherever, just by modifying mmm.ini.
...But there doesn't seem to be a way to set the MusicIP app to use a data file in a "non-standard" place.
Not something you'd care about if you just use the service, but if you do use the app there's a lot to be said for having them both access the same data file.

I've noticed that clicking on the data file brings up the app. In general, when you click on a data file in Windows, it just invokes the associated app with the full path to whatever you clicked on as the first parameter.
So there is a way to move the data file and have the app access it in a non-standard place.

You can just change the shortcut that links to the app. Right click on it, pick 'properties' and append a path to your new/moved data file in the 'target' field. So, for example, I changed my 'target' from
"C:\Program Files\MusicIP\MusicIP Mixer\MusicMagicMixer.exe"
"C:\Program Files\MusicIP\MusicIP Mixer\MusicMagicMixer.exe" "R:\MusicIP Mixer\default.m3lib"

Apologies if you already know this stuff. It's just that, with memory being so cheap these days, ramdisks are starting to make good sense.
If you don't have a ramdisk, but do have the memory for one, and are using a win32 server, check out the Dataram ramdisk (http://memory.dataram.com/products-and-services/software/ramdisk#download-ramdisk)