View Full Version : Squeezeplay prevents screen sleep

2011-01-30, 03:42

I'm using Squeezeplay on OSX (10.6), and I've noticed that it prevents the screen of my iMac to sleep. Normally my screen goes to sleep after 10 min, but with Squeezeplay, it keeps on all the time. Also, when I force my screen off (Lock Screen), after 10 sec the screen pops on again due to Squeezeplay. I tried the Screen settings in Squeezeplay, but without success. I assume this is because Squeezeplay wants to keep the system awake.

I'm trying to limit the power consumption of all my electronic toys, and putting a screen off is definitely one of the things to do here. So it would be great if this behaviour of Squeezeplay could be changed.


2012-06-24, 19:32
It would be good for users to vote / comment in the bug tracker for this item: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=16622