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2004-09-11, 14:54
Well, it sure sounds like you are getting interference on your wireless
network then. I take it you've tried other channels and such?

I had a neighbor who had a very noisy 2.4 ghz baby monitor which would knock
my network down when they took the baby monitor and put it on the end table
by the window facing my house.

WiFi might seem to be working fine for your other devices but they are not
real time and that's likely the difference. If you really wanted to test it
out I would say try another real time application like a voice over IP
telephone through a wi-fi connected laptop or something similar... You will
probably see similar performance problems.

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As i wrote i a former posting, I use _no_ encryption, _no_ MAC-Filtering,
and the SSID is broadcasting...I get a Connect every time, the Counter is
blinking and I have a Connect, the Problem is that the Box have Dropouts and
loose Connection during straming, and only wireless, with a wired connection
all seems to be ok.

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Also what kind of WEP encryption are you using? Are you broadcasting your
SSID? What type of authentication method?

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It has been known for the wireless card inside the squeezebox to come
slightly loose from the socket. This leads to complete or intermittant
operation of the wireless connection.

It might be worth opening the SB case and checking the card is firmly
inserted in the socket.

Loox wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Since I get my SB two weeks ago I have problems with the wireless
> connection. At setup it doesn't found the router, sometimes the SB
> changes the MAC-Adress to the MAC of it Ethernet-NIC, dropouts during
> Musicfiles from my Server, when connecting to Shoutcast, it takes much
> more longer than with the wired connection and if it has found the
> website the SB lost connect to the SlimServer.
> When connected to wired the Box works fine, and I wouldn' miss it.
> All other W-less Devices such as Notebook or PDA works fine with
> router and Server...
> Server:
> ASUS P3B-F with 1GB RAM and P3-900 at Fedora FC2 Linux as
> Samba-Fileserver & CUPS-Printershare => max. 3 Clients Ethernet-NIC
> 3COM 305TX SlimServer 5.30.1b (since 2 hours, was 5.21 before, no
> changes in W-less errors)
> Anyone who can help me?
> Kind regards from germany
> juergen
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