View Full Version : Since loading 7.5.3 - Server shuts down repeatedly

2011-01-29, 09:05
Folks - Since installing 7.5.3 I am able to get the server running but then after a short period of time (as little as 15 minutes) the server can not be found. This has gone in repeatedly over the last few days. I reinstalled and still have the same issue. Cleaned cache, rescanned library as well. No better.

I have 3 receivers and to radios and all have had uploads to their software. Prior to this had run fine without problems for 10 months.

Any help...much apprecaited.

2011-01-29, 12:26
Answering my own question - I may have found issue. I disconnected from the VPN and SBS has not shut down. However it worked with VPN in place prior to loading 7.5.3 If anyone has any suggestions to have them work together please let me know. Using Vista.