View Full Version : some display corruption in sbg firmware v35

2004-09-11, 13:06
Kevin Pearsall wrote:
> Hi Jason, Peter,
> I just wanted to check with both of you to see if either of you are
> still having display problems... How's everything going?
> Thanks,
> Kevin P.

Hi Kevin,

I just got the new display and installed it. I am going to give it a
spin. I will let you know.

One thing I have noticed so far is that the ribbon-cable length is a lot
shorter than the one I had originally (it came with the old display, and
the graphics upgrade did not include a shorter cable like this one did).
It might have been that I was seeing the results of interference?

Anyway, thanks for the speedy service, I will be shipping back the
display, as I think it is not necessarily broken in hardware...