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2011-01-28, 03:01
I returned an old SB2 to active service recently, trying - without much joy - to make it connect to mySqueezebox.com. I just verified that it should work in principle, that I have indeed got the correct password - and it is all good on my SB3. But the SB2 does not get past the point of "I already have account" where I enter my email address. The email is always rejected with "email not found". Does anyone have any suggestions what the issue might be? Thanks.

PS: Can I assume that I have a good internet connection to mySqueezebox.com when the Create account/Have account/Help menu appears? Or is this all f/w and no evidence at all that a contact can be established with the squeezenetwork?

PPS: It would seem to me that the player itself is showing on my mySqueezebox.com account page. "Not connected", of course.

2011-01-28, 05:29
I wonder if your old SB2 is trying to connect to a very old SqueezeNetwork IP address?
I'd try connecting it to SBS server on a computer, let it update it's FW, see if it will register on MySB.com via SBS, try some internet stations.
Now try switching it to MySB.com and see if it connects.
Dunno, just an idea. :)

2011-01-28, 06:22
Try deleting the SB2 from MSB.com & doing a factory reset (power on while holding down Add on remote) then try again.

I have an SB2 currently connected to MSB.com without issue but then it is the same internals as an SB3 AFAIK.

2011-01-28, 07:54
I'd try connecting it to SBS server on a computer, let it update it's FWWorth a shot. Pulling down new f/w is certainly the first thing the SB3 did when I connected it to MSB.

2011-02-06, 16:57
I got the same problems that I have on my SB2 now also with my SB3. It simply fails to login to MSB - screen just goes blank. Any pointers as to where to start debugging? The only way I can get the SB2 and SB3 back is by pulling the power and then interrupting the start-up to stop it from attempting to go straight back into MSB.

2011-02-07, 05:16
Try holding the Brightness button when they connect to MySB.com.

2011-02-08, 04:09
OK, yes, there appears to be some problem here. If I press Brightness, then MSB upgrades the f/w. The process takes its sweet time and I have access to MSB, yippee. Alas, when I pick "Connect to Squeezebox Server" to switch back to my LAN server, I immediately get "Press BRIGHTNESS to upgrade s/w". After that, I can access SBS again but when I revert to MSB, black screen. And the game repeats all over. Not brill.

2011-02-08, 04:30
That's because your local SBS server is a different FW version than is on MySB.com. Your options are:
1. update your SBS to 7.5.3, now they will be the same FW and no updates needed when switching between SBS and MySB
2. don't switch between SBS and MySB
3. do switch between them and get annoying update each time

2011-02-08, 08:30
Right, you sold me the update of SBS real well ;) (Though aren't you a little disingenuous perhaps? There's a f/w file somewhere in my SBS tree which I suppose I could just delete, and that would put a stop to it, too, no? Anyway, will update SBS.)

2011-02-08, 08:46
Awesome - upgrading did the trick. Thanks Toby.

2011-02-08, 10:07
Awesome - upgrading did the trick. Thanks Toby.

No problem. Enjoy! :)