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2011-01-27, 16:34
Earlier on this week I finally succumbed to the lure of the Squeezebox Touch, largely funded by monies received as Christmas and Birthday presents (I'm a January Capricorn).

This left the SB3 (nee Classic), which has given sterling service for the last 4 years with no role to perform.

This has led to the SB3 being donated to my 10 year old son's first bedroom system.
Lucky lad - I could only dream of having such a good music source when I was his age.

I managed to rustle up some stopgap powered PC speakers (methinks a T-Amp and maybe a pair of Richer Sounds clearance speakers beckon), and these were duly hooked up to the SB3 via the headphone output.

To cut a long story short, we've been listening to The Beatles (he really likes The Beatles), Thin Lizzy, Bad Company and Neil Young (with and without Crazy Horse), and having a whale of a time.

My son is like a dog with two tails - he doesn't know which one to wag.

I'm just happy that he's happy.
He's also got access to a pretty large and eclectic music collection - I introduced him to Led Zeppelin last month, and they went down very well.

We've also had a laugh controlling it all from a network connected computer, and also from my Android running SmartPhone, running Squeeze Commander.
So lots of food for thought there too.

So thank you Slim Devices for devising the Squeezebox, and thanks Logitech for catching the ball and running with it - you've made two souls here very happy, and you have our gratitude.

Chris :D

2011-01-27, 16:46
The Beatles are a fairly easy sell, but it's a beautiful thing to see youngsters listening to Neil Young (and Led Zep). My 13 year old nephew has recently become a fan of early Led Zep, the Who, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. "There's no sampling here, son. Just the real thing..."

2011-01-27, 17:01
I might just have the only 10 year old who likes both Hot Rats and Studio Tan by Frank Zappa, and Swordfishtrombones by Tom Waits.

Something I'm very proud of is that he cannot stand the homogenised autotuned pap that gets passed off as "Pop Music" these days.

Chris :)

2011-01-27, 17:07
My 16yr olds into Primus and loves Joes Garage...

fun being a Dad innit?

2011-01-27, 17:15
My 16yr olds into Primus and loves Joes Garage...

fun being a Dad innit?

Absolutely ......
I wouldn't swap it for the world.