View Full Version : Wake on LAN for Mac?

2011-01-27, 10:55
How do I configure this so that when I power up my SB3 it will wake my iMac from slumber?

2011-01-27, 13:39
On the mac:
System Preferences>Energy Saver
then check "Wake for Network access"

2016-12-05, 19:49
I'm reviving this thread after several years. My SB3 is wired to my Mac Time Machine router, which is wired to my iMac. I have enabled WOL on the Mac, but turning on my SB3 does not wake up the computer. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? My SB3 is on my whole-house audio system so that it powers up when I switch on the system from a wall plate somewhere in the house. With my old PC, the computer would wake up, but I've been unable to configure this functionality on the iMac.

2016-12-05, 21:40
If you press the on button on the SB3 remote , I think that should do it .