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Beesley, S
2004-09-11, 11:38
(Just remembered the last point)

I thought I would list all the errors I am now seeing. I have the latest build and firmware with a brand new SB (and latest graphic screen). I am using wireless mode. I have streaming limit set to 128K

1/ SB crashes if AP set to "both" authentication mode. Only works if set to Shared.
2/ On initial setup screen if displaying setup, wireless signal strength screen is blank
3/ When booted and connected there is a ? instead of a % on wireless signal screen
4/ Random and frequent dropouts. I have noticed that my buffer level is always between 99 and 100% when it drops out, after 1-2 seconds, it then continues playing and is immediately at 100%. If the signal had dropped, surely it should have kept playing until the buffer reached 0%. It seems that SB pauses even at 100% buffer if perhaps the network signal drops (or is there another reason)? Is the buffer actually working.
5/ When playing WMA (it's the only type I have), if the SB reboots (which it does frequently), the SB will try to resume where it left off playing. However, whilst the display is on the right song and the outstanding minutes/seconds position is correct, there is never any sound. I always have to forward or reverse and then it starts playing. Is this due to using LAME?
6/ Frequent reboots at random places (often playing or pressing to stop playing)
7/ Got stuck in a loop when searched for a song, the SB displayed a quick message to say that SB signal lost and then it said that song was not found. At this point it showed "a no songs of this name" type message and no key strokes would get me free. After a reboot, I was stuck at the same place. After several reboots, it freed up.
8/ DRM protected files wont play. I know this is a limitation. But can the SB display a message that the file is DRM protected and perhaps skip it or something?
9/ If I reboot my PC the SB happiliy reconnects OK. However, I turn my PC off at night for at least 8 hours. In the morning, my SB is complaingin that it has lost the connection to the SlimServer and it will not try to reconnect. A soft reboot and it reconnets. It seems to give up after a xx period of time. Could it be set to retyr or at least have a "press -> to retry" option on the display?

Sorry for the big list....