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2011-01-25, 15:54
I run SBS (now 7.5.3) on an HP MediaSmart EX480 WHS box. The WHS box is set to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. The SB3 is connected by WiFi. I've recently changed my router to a Billion 7800n & now have some strange behaviour.

When the server sleeps, the SB3 displays the lost connection for around 30s before going blank. But since the router change, instead of remaining blank it wakes up approx every 5 minutes & tries to connect. This is very distracting as the SB3 is under the TV. This didn't happen with three previous Netgear routers.

I've asked Billion if the router is somehow polling but have not yet received an answer. Any suggestions?

2011-01-25, 21:37
This is normal behavior, so I'm surprised you didn't see it before. You probably know that the SB3 is never really off (unless you pull the plug), but is in standby when it's "off". When it loses the connection to the server, it doesn't know if you turned it off on purpose, or if there was a connection fault. So by design, it starts looking for a server, which is what you're seeing.

I usually deal with this by switching to mysqueezebox.com when shutting down the server. I use the ServerPowerControl plugin to do this -- it automatically puts the server to sleep after X minutes of no SB activity. If your HP box is only running SBS this could be an alternative solution for you. If the HP box is used for other things then it gets a little more complicated making sure that the computer doesn't sleep while you're doing non-SB things, but it should still work.

2011-01-26, 00:27
In older versions of SBS (can't remember how old) the display would stick on the failed connection permanently. I assumed that a firmware change had improved the behaviour to what I was seeing - the display going blank.

If I turn off the router completely then the display stays blank. So there seems to be a difference between no connection to a server & no connection at all. That's what lead me to believe it was the router initiating the activity. I guess I'm going to have to put one of the old Netgears back in place just to prove it.

I've played with SPC previously but never managed to get it to reliably switch between servers. The server is also used for other duties which as you say, complicates it further.

I could "automate" a switch to MSB with my Harmony remote but when switching back to SBS, no WOL is sent to the server.

2011-01-26, 07:54
I've had the same issue in the past when I changed routers - see post http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=79717.

I eventually found that my router had a corrupted install of it's firmware, I only noticed because some of the setup options were missing, and for me reinstalling the firmware solved the problem.

2011-01-26, 08:25
Thanks Chris, that's exactly the same scenario. I'll try a reload or maybe even a roll back of the firmware & see what happens.

2011-04-19, 02:55
Never did get anywhere with this. Billion's UK support is as worthless as most electronics manufacturers these days. Despite being chased several times I heard nothing more back from them. I acquired some older firmwares from other Billion owners but these didn't make any difference.

In the end, for other reasons, I replaced the SB3 with a Touch. Because the Touch has it's own clock to display the time in standby, the issue doesn't arise.