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2004-09-11, 07:51
Thanks Paul, but that wouldn't help, because if the reason for my problem
were a wrong assignment of MAC-Adresses in the Router, the Box won't get
connected...but it get a connect with a low bandwith or somethat, so low
that it will loose the connect...
For testing I switched all Security off in the Router, no WEP, no SSID, no


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On 9/10/04 8:24 AM, "Loox" <Loox (AT) gmx (DOT) net> wrote:

Hi folks,

Since I get my SB two weeks ago I have problems with the wireless
connection. At setup it doesn't found the router, sometimes the SB changes
the MAC-Adress to the MAC of it Ethernet-NIC, dropouts during Musicfiles
from my Server, when connecting to Shoutcast, it takes much more longer than
with the wired connection and if it has found the website the SB lost
connect to the SlimServer.

When connected to wired the Box works fine, and I wouldn' miss it.

All other W-less Devices such as Notebook or PDA works fine with router and


ASUS P3B-F with 1GB RAM and P3-900 at Fedora FC2 Linux as Samba-Fileserver &
CUPS-Printershare => max. 3 Clients Ethernet-NIC 3COM 305TX SlimServer
5.30.1b (since 2 hours, was 5.21 before, no changes in W-less errors)

Anyone who can help me?

Kind regards from germany